flying to china

hour 3 of my flight to beijing with Gen & Chris — should be an exciting week for Mozilla stuff and personally. will no doubt have a lot to say about my experiences this week — it’s an exciting thing.

a couple of early, tv-related thoughts:

1) the first 2 episodes of the new season of 24 are hilarious. once you decide it’s just ridiculous, it’s pretty fun to watch. jack is so smart & tough. the white house is so dumb. i think this season might be the best so far. if anyone wants to chat more about it, open a socket to my screen and we can talk.

2) borat is not really an airplane friendly movie. in fact, pretty much the least airplane friendly thing since Oz. what a great film, though. that guy is just terrific.

we’ll see if 4 batteries is enough. i’m betting it will be this time, but i’m only about 1/2 a battery in, so we’ll see….

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