Heading to Jacksonville

We’re about to take our first trip with Sam — we’ll be heading to Jacksonville tomorrow morning really early. About the farthest Sam’s ever been is to San Francisco — he’s pretty much lived on the Peninsula his whole 5+ months of life. We’ll see how the trip goes — I guess I’m both excited to be able to have Sam spend time with my family (we’re going to see my mom’s family in North Florida/South Georgia, and my brother’s family is coming, too), but also a little nervous about the trip & how Sam will do. He’s a happy, robust, kid, though, so I think things’ll be fine.

Lots to post the next couple of weeks while I’m off from work. A series of posts about mediocre books I’ve read the last few weeks, but also I want to reflect some on my new job, and more importantly what 2005 has been like & has meant to me.

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