Blown away

So much is happening on the Internet today. I’m totally blown away & can’t keep up. A few things I’ve started playing around with:

  • Typepad
  • VideoEgg
  • Ecto
  • 1001 — cool desktop app that works with Flickr
  • Growl — fun way to extend notifications on the mac
  • Flickr — photosharing, but I haven’t started using it a lot yet
  • Adium — cool multi-IM client — lots of fun icons
  • iScrobbler — keeps track of the music I listen to, makes suggestions via
  • Apple Mail — they did some nice things with filtering & search this time around; still needs a lot of work
  • Apple FrontRow — I’d like a Mac Mini with FrontRow & a cablecard to be my next Tivo, I think. otherwise Windows Media Center
  • Skype — ambivalent about VOIP. still figuring out what I think.
  • Firefox extensions — lots of great ones. GreaseMonkey is great.

Lots of great, creative things happening. Lots of ways to waste time, of course, but also incredibly cool & varied ways to share lots of info with friends & family.

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