Some Personal News…

After 8 years as a General Partner here at Greylock, I’ve decided to step back to be a Venture Partner. The Venture Partner title means different things in different situations, but here’s what it means for me: I’ll continue to focus on working with existing portfolio companies as an active board member to help them grow and thrive, but I won’t be looking for new companies to invest in. These are companies I’m in love with and excited about: Caffeine, Figma, Crew, Angle and one more that I backed last year but haven’t announced yet.

For those of you who know me personally (or via Twitter, I guess!), you know that I care an awful lot about improving the state of our country and world, and it’s crystal clear that 2019 & 2020 are crucially important years — certainly the most important time in a generation, but maybe much longer than that. I’ve been on the board at Code for America working on this for several years, but lately have wanted to spend more of my time in this area — so that’ll be one area that I will ramp up. In fact, I’ve also just taken a board role at a new non-profit startup Voting.Works, led by my friend & former Mozillian Ben Adida. Their mission is to build new, secure, affordable voting systems that all Americans can count on. I’m excited to be able to spend more of my time & energy towards this kind of work.

My time as a GP at Greylock has been challenging and rewarding and fun and interesting and above all a great privilege. And while the work that I really love doing will continue, I want to take a second to note that I’m grateful to my partners here, and to the entrepreneurs I’ve gotten to work with along the way.

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