Time & Tribe

I talk & write about “finding your tribe” a fair amount — knowing & understanding & nourishing my own has been critical for me many times over the years.

This week I was reminded how important it is — our family went to an annual gathering that we’ve been going to for about a dozen years now — long enough that I can’t quite remember when we started. It’s hard to describe the grouping of people — it’s a mix of different people with different professions and perspectives — Silicon Valley and Hollywood and New York and D.C. and lots of other places. It doesn’t really matter where they’re from — what matters here is that it’s probably the closest IRL manifestation of how I conceive of my own tribe of people. Not complete, for sure — lots of folks who are important to me aren’t there — but representative.

Over the past decade plus, we’ve all gotten older and changed. Gotten married, had children, gotten divorced, changed jobs, started companies, changed the world.

What I was struck by this year is how all these relationships have developed over the years. These are people who have seen each other at highs and lows; who have worked shoulder to shoulder with each other on too many projects to mention, and against each other on some, too.

The special thing about having that much context, and people around who know & believe in you is how much they can frame the year that’s past, and the year ahead.

Your tribe has the context about you & your life — and can remind you, when you need it, of who you are, and who you can be.

And beyond all that, it just feels good (and restorative, and challenging) to come home once a year, and see friends & allies, and tell all the old jokes, and just listen about where you’ve each been, and plan about what’s to come.

I enter 2019 grateful for this communion and connection, and reminded again how important it is to find your people, and keep investing in them always.

Happy 2019 everyone.

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