There’s a great profile today in the Boston Globe of a group of very important people who you may not have heard of — the founders of — a little known, but hugely influential non-profit group that is working hard to make sure that the Internet stays vibrant and alive and accessible to all of us.

The latest, and most important, battle they’re fighting is over Net Neutrality — they want to make sure that the net stays something like a level playing field for all voices.

Tiffiniy Cheng and Holmes Wilson, the founders of the group are amazing. (I haven’t met Evan, also featured in the article yet, unfortunately.)

I don’t know anyone who is better at activating and working the Internet to get to outcomes. I really truly believe they are peerless at this.

Their list of accomplishments over the past few years is amazing. They were the galvanizing force that activated to stop SOPA & PIPA. They started the Participatory Culture Foundation (where I was on the board for a time, and very lucky to work with them). They started, a wonderful piece of work (and time consuming rabbit hole if you’re at all into political wonkery).

They have an incredible clarity of thought and action, and a very unusual understanding of how to use the Web to get people to collect, and agree, and to act.

In a tech world that’s full of articles mostly focused on unicorns and financial valutions, it’s profoundly encouraging to me that Tiffiniy & Holmes & Evan, and many others like them (ones that I’ve been involved with at Mozilla & the Participatory Culture Foundation & Code for America, but also many, many more) are working and thriving.

And winning.

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