8 Replies to “A Fire Upon the Deep, by Vernor Vinge”

    1. Hamilton is a fun author but he can’t write a short book or one not in a series to save his life. In order to read the Commonwealth Saga, you have to read four HUGE books. Enjoyable but I gave up after the first two. 🙂

      1. I’m not digging the Void series as much as The Commonwealth saga. Between this and Alastair Reynolds Revelation Space they are 2 of the longer series I’ve tried to work through.

      1. I actually liked A Deepness in the Sky more than A Fire Upon the Deep. Probably one of my favorite sci-fi books in a long time.

      2. Scott,

        Yep, I made a mistake – A Deepness in the Sky is a much better book than a Fire Upon the Deep. Fire is a very innovative book but didn’t have the depth of character or the pacing that is so engaging. Fire did have a lot of novel ideas including the pack mind. But Deepness was definitely a more engaging, approachable and enjoyable read.

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