9 Replies to “Elizabeth Gilbert’s Outstanding TEDtalk”

  1. nice. but I think the pain…often forces the “daemon” or “genius” to come out from hiding in that “dark alley that separates heaven and earth”… and art actually may come from that friction… (somebody really smart once said “art is the friction between heaven and earth”) the friction is uncomfortable to hold.

    but great post …thanks…

  2. Really cool talk. I felt more engaged at the end as I thought the beginning was a bit slow. I was wrong: Elizabeth was just setting the stage…

    Thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward the next two other inspiring talks!

  3. thanks for posting. its a great talk indeed. she verbalizes very well a lot of things that i’ve been thinking about. what are your other 2 favorite talks?

  4. Teachers must spend more time thinking different about how to produce winning outcomes of our pursuits. For most of us that means thinking differently about creative genius (Elizabeth Gilbert). Our creative genius is not only on the line, but our students depend on us to deliver. As a matter of fact they probably won’t even show up if we haven’t found our creative genius.

    LaRon | @laroncarter

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