11 Replies to “Lessons from Mozilla talk at Heise”

  1. It’s been a pleasure to listen to this inspiring and informative keynote. Sometimes, very simple and basic facts get out of focus, so thank you for reminding us of some of these!

  2. Your slide about pushing decision making to the edges is reminiscent of the starfish model where there is no centre and killing some nodes does not effect the organisation as a whole.

    REF: http://www.starfishandspider.com/

    Would you describe Mozilla as being like this? Obviously it is not leaderless with yourself at the helm, but you seem to put a lot of effort into empowering the community and giving responsibility to all stakeholders. I think this has always been Mozilla’s great strength.

    1. yes, starfish is one of the things i think about. i think a “chaord” is actually closer to right, as i say in the presentation, but it’s a little harder to intuitively grasp.

  3. Very cool slide deck, John, especially the last few slides. Too bad there is no audio track. Maybe you should try to do one or put have a version of the slides with speaker notes? I’d love to have this.

    1. maybe a good idea — i was hoping it would read fine without a voice over — i think you know pretty much everything i said anyway… 🙂

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