disqus v wordpress threaded comments (intensedebate)

anyone have an opinion on whether to use disqus for comments versus the embedded threading for comments built into wordpress 2.7? (the admin interface is *fantastic*, so far.)

update: i incorrectly assumed that intensedebate was baked into 2.7, since it was bought by WP a few months back — looks like that’s not true. so…that means i guess i have 3 options: Disqus (that I’m using now), WP 2.7 threaded, and IntenseDebate.

2 Replies to “disqus v wordpress threaded comments (intensedebate)”

  1. I'm using Disqus because my comments are gathered up and can be tracked easily. Threaded comments is not my key concern. So I'll probably stay with Disqus after upgrading WordPress to 2.7.

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