We’re at our first kid concert – it’s a bit of a mass of kidmanity. There’s even something like a five year old mosh pit up at the front (not kidding). It’s great, really — fun, engaged, optimistic.

It boggles my mind a little bit, though, to look around the hall and think about what these hundreds of kids will be like, how they’ll contribute to the world, how different their world will be from the one we grew up with. Challenging times, but impossible not to be hopeful & optimistic in a context like this.

4 Replies to “Kid concert”

  1. well, there were quite a few of us at the Beatles tribute concert last night and we probably didn't behave any better than the kids at your concert did. I don't know what that says for the future. m.

  2. John, I'm proposing a Job Market project to Google through KPCB, and it includes a public common component of a wiki-style Skill Encyclopedia, one of two versions for the youth. May I browse some basic ideas with you? Mozilla's products and some ideas in your Lab have appeared solid and rich in social substances to me.

  3. So which kid group was it? It doesn't look like Roofi 'cause there is no riot in progress and no adults contemplating whether to end it all now rather than listen to one more bar of either “One, Two, Tie Your Shoe” or “Helpful Bear on the 28th Floor.”

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