mozilla talk at stanford

I gave a talk yesterday morning at Stanford to a set of folks — slides below. Much inspiration and actual material taken from Mike Beltzner’s earlier talks. Sometime when I have time I’ll do a voice-over in order to include my lame jokes. 🙂

Mostly it’s about how Mozilla is organized, and how we push decision-making to the edges of any organization we have — it’s really an organizational design & behavior talk. It’s been fun to do diferent flavors of this over the last few months — people get really engaged.

11 Replies to “mozilla talk at stanford”

  1. Was it easy to give this talk?I mean, you had to know you were lying through your teeth when you claimed that decision-making is pushed “to the edges” of Mozilla.Everyone even mildly associated with anything-Mozilla knows that 5-10 people at Mozilla.COM make the relevant decisions… and if there's a decision that affects any one of your guys' resumes, you'll make sure it goes the “right” way. Which, of course, has nothing to do with what's best for the Mozilla community, or for the Web.I suppose none of us should be surprised; it's not about reality as much as it's about perception. Right?Keep up the great work, John!(Which mostly has nothing to do with what Mozilla really should be about!)P.S. I know how much you detest dissent within your own organization–we all know your “open door” policy is so you can ferret out those who disagree with you–I'll be interested to see if this comment even appears.Two to one: it won't.

  2. hi; i don't mind questions or dissent at all — anyone who's worked with me for any period of time knows that. if you've got real issues, send me mail to talk about them, but to my knowledge none of these comments are grounded in any way. if you're mad about specific things, let me know and we can talk through them. i'm easy to find — lastName @ mozilla dot com.for whatever it's worth, we do indeed push decisions as far out as possible — we do it for routine things, we do it for significant things. we have many decision makers, in all functions.

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