web site on blocks for a while

okay, i’m ready to change my blog around a bit, so i’ve changed the theme as a signal that the site is going to be the metaphorical equivalent of sitting without wheels on cinder blocks in front of my house. sorry about that. hopefully it will bother me consistently enough that i fix it sooner than otherwise.

4 Replies to “web site on blocks for a while”

  1. It’s good to narrate the semi-obvious or those of us who primarily drive by via RSS might not have noticed the cinder blocks.

  2. Hi John, I have not visited your block in a while, and ta dah!, I find a new theme, it looks cool, don't get me wrong though, I liked the other one better, powered by hemmingway! Do excuse me now, am just going to go through your book list, I need to catch up.

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