trying out disqus for comments

trying out disqus for comments, both because i’d sorta like to see threaded comments on my blog, and because i really like & am thinking a bunch about a people-centered web (in this case, comments across the blogosphere indexed by person).

let me know what you think, if it doesn’t work, etc etc…

[was super, super easy to implement in wordpress, fwiw]

27 Replies to “trying out disqus for comments”

  1. I’ll tell you what I think if you promise to tell me how it affects comment conversations. :)Right now, the embed of the DISQUS part looks a little awkward as it’s using a white background with a different font. Got any styling control?

  2. My community page is odd (or broken? not sure). The post ordering appears totally random, ie: the “Newest” thread is a story from 2004, and a post from yesterday is a few down the list. I’m sure they’ll work it out. The system looks pretty keen so far, possible bugs aside.

  3. I think I do have styling control, but need to take some time and look into it a bit — really first off just wanted to see if it would work or not. I know I should care more about styling, but just for the moment, I was caring more about the threading capability. Will play with it over the weekend some.

  4. Yeah, I just wanted to make sure you knew and that it wasn’t some strange thing with the publishing. I imagine you’ll have complete control.I do like how I get email notifications. And how I can reply to emails to have my comments appear threaded in place on the blog. Like this.

  5. wow, that’s interesting — i hadn’t noticed that. e-mail responses to comments that will then get threaded is pretty neat. i’m really liking disqus, even with some rough edges.

  6. Hm, blank reply from me here was an attempt to use the email-response thing. It may still have some issues. What I said was:”Joi’s blog is certainly worthy of emulation. Are you going to have all the twitters and flickrs and deliciouses and such in there as well? I’ve been pondering the idea of doing something like that (sort of a “planet dria” self-hosted and carefully controllable lifestreamy sort of thing) but I’d like it all to be subscribable via a single RSS feed. Haven’t figured out how to do that yet without resorting to a third-party service, and that’s not what I want. I could use the planet software, but it’s sort of blah.”

  7. that’s my plan — i’m sort of obsessed with all the persona-related connections joi’s got on his blog, so want to sorta collect it all here. will start doing that sometime; it’s why i started moving to a different theme. fwiw, getting a friendfeed page will give you what you want in terms of your lifestream, i’m pretty sure.

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  9. I just wish more people would use disqus and take advantage of its usability…. There was talk a while ago about wordpress replacing its old commenting system with the disqus system in a future release but for some reason that didnt quite work out… Ive used disqus since it first came out because i love the way i can comment on various blogs without having to keep logging in or entering those really annoying catcha thingys… god i hate those… anyway you have made the right decision moving over to disqus… on with the disqus revolution..

  10. Many friend talk about DISQUS, so I started using it for my blog also . IT nice and interative, not to mention many functions like Name Saving [ you can see what comments someoneposted just by pointing the cursor on it ] . Most of all, its slim, far better than the usual comment bar from cms like wordpress and others . Overall, i gotta hand it to the people who cam up with it, great job ! Cheers

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