Thanks, Mike

As MIke mentioned over on his blog, after 3 years at Mozilla, he’s moving on to new adventures. For anyone who doesn’t know, he’s been the VP Engineering for us during most of that period, and he has been a huge force for helping make great things happen. Among other things, he’s been a great product execution person, a great technology strategist, a great source of ideas and inspiration, and a great recruiter.

But more than anything, he’s been a great leader and teacher, for everyone in the organization and in the larger community. And that means that while we’ll miss his day-to-day contribution, he’s left a legacy of other outstanding engineering managers and leaders ready to take new responsibilities — many of them who you can observe leading what we’re doing already.

So Mozilla owes a big thanks to Mike for his contribution, and I think will miss him greatly.

As a personal note, Mike’s been an extremely important collaborator and friend to me, and I’ll miss our day-to-day interactions very much.

But life moves on, and if I were you, I’d watch him closely, because he’s going to do great things in his next post, too.

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