Mike Shaver, VP Engineering

After 3 years at Mozilla, our VP Engineering Mike Schroepfer, is moving on to other opportunities and we wish him well.

Here at Mozilla that means some changes are in order, and Mike Shaver is our new Interim VP Engineering. Mike’s an amazing leader, deep technologist, committed Mozillian (Mozillite?, Mozillan?), and talented evangelist. He’s contributed lots of code and innovation to our current code base, including a number of the key Javascript enhancements you’re (hopefully) enjoying while reading this post in Firefox 3. He’s one of the most articulate advocates of the Open Web, and one of the most inspiring speakers on that subject (and many others) that I’ve ever heard.

All of which means that we’re in great shape with Mike taking on this new responsibility. The rest of the management and leadership in the engineering team remains the same as previously.

We’ve got a lot to do, starting with the upcoming Firefox 3.1 later this year, and I have great confidence that Mike will step into his new role and do a wonderful job.

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