Living on the Black, by John Feinstein

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Interesting look by John Feinstein at 2 of my favorite pitchers in MLB: Mike Mussina and Tom Glavine. Mussina I got to see play a fair bit at Stanford when I was a freshman, so like him a bunch (except that he plays for the Yankees, which stings), and I’ve always liked Glavine since he’s played for the Braves and is such a professional. (I don’t like either of them quite as much as I like John Smoltz, but he’s in the book a fair bit, too, so I was happy.)

Anyway, this book is strictly for baseball fans with long attention spans. Comes in at around 800 pages, goes through every game in the season for both pitchers. Interesting look at 2 of the best ever at a time towards the end of their careers. Great to hear what they’re thinking about from them. Mussina’s having a great year in 2008, and Glavine’s is okay. But both guys are really important pitchers.

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