I’ve mentioned Adam before — he & I were in 7th grade together, a million years ago in Las Vegas. We were great friends at particularly itinerant parts of our lives, and the time we spent together in school and outside (playing Enchanter & such) was really meaningful to me.

Anyway, in what is maybe an unsurprising twist of fate, we’re both nerds now, working in technology — and so he was in San Francisco this weekend for some training and was kind enough to come over for dinner.

We had a great time — it’s amazing to us how much in common we have, even after 25 years, and how comfortable it was to sit and visit together again. Really awesome, and I feel very fortunate to be able to connect. Wonderful weekend.

[ps — decided I was interested in revisiting Enchanter et. al. — any ideas for the z-files?]

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