It’s been a busy day, so I’m a little late to get to this, but I’m sad to note that AllPeers is shutting down. I’m bummed, of course, not just because a Mozilla-related startup is calling it quits, but also because it’s become easy in such a prolific startup era to be jaded about startups and not to notice when they pass. I really applaud what Matt and Cedric and the team have done, and am glad that they took a run at P2P in the browser. I have no doubt that they’ll all land happily and do great with their next thing — but I also have no doubt that it’s a trying time for them. So it’s with great respect for them all that I say congratulations for making the contribution they have (to Mozilla and the whole ecosystem) and that I’m looking forward to what’s next.

4 Replies to “AllPeers”

  1. Talk about hindsight I just starting using a service called just a few days before this happened!

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