SeaMonkey at the World Economic Forum

I was one of the discussion leaders in a session yesterday (at the World Economic Forum meeting here in Dalian, China) on what new technology companies are doing to disrupt existing businesses (and a fun/great conversation from a media mogul from the UK who’s very frustrated about valuations of companies he thinks have no real business except for taking margins to 0 — that’s sorta the way we roll in Silicon Valley.)

Anyhoo, the session was led by the most excellent John Gage from Sun Micro, and as he was setting up the ideas for the session, he showed a bunch of web pages from his Mac, using SeaMonkey (which he used because he wanted to edit the pages he was looking at). Was a great, unintentional example of how Mozilla is disrupting — was really awesome when my intro came around and I explained that while John said that SM came from Mozilla, that it really came from a committed group of volunteers around the world — and shows the strength of the model.

So congrats to SeaMonkey — great exposure from John G, at a very high profile event.

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