iWork ’08

i’ve been playing around a bit with the new iWork for a few minutes to get first impressions, but only have a few minutes left on my battery…

but my first thoughts are these:

1) keynote is mostly the same. the auto-alpha stuff is going to be really, really handy for cleaning up graphics

2) pages seems to have been considerably de-sucked. in fact, it may not actually suck anymore, although i’m not prepared to pronounce it non-sucking. word processing mode is a huge leap forward, if not actually an innovation, and change tracking looks like it works (and it looks beautiful, fwiw)

3) numbers is going to take some time to get my head around. i *think* it’s a spreadsheet that’s more about communicating than figuring, but we’ll see. the expressiveness there is shockingly good, and, as usual, it looks fantastic.

anyway, more soon. this release is going to be a little brutal for the Mac BU of Microsoft.

(i still would really like these rich client apps to auto-save to something like Google Apps on the server side.)

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