domain name

so the main reason that i’m stuck on moving my blog is figuring out a domain name. all my favorite jubjub-related names are, of course, taken on .com, .org, .net.

i keep thinking that i’m going to be hit by divine intervention to come up with a cool domain for our family, but think it’s not happening.

so here are my current options: (look it up — “chortled” is probably the best way to look for it)

(jubjub is my preferred name for, well, everything. 🙂

any preferences? i know they all pretty much suck. 🙂

11 Replies to “domain name”

  1. i find a little too on-the-nose, if you get my drift. sam & kathy are going to have space there, so probably not right.

    if only weren’t taken — that’d be cool & super-ironic.

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