take a look at this blog post. it’s great. i need to spend some time when i’m not at work & read it again, as well as the pieces that it references, but i think it’s both reactionary and also what i happen to think. the web blends everything together, without much concern about who wrote what or where something came from. which isn’t necessarily bad, by itself. but it is tending to make the edges of each argument, work of art, or thought fuzzy and indistinct, blending into the rest of the web via links or ads or searches.

this one makes me think more about this stuff than i have in a while. it’s not the “inaccuracy” that they’re talking about that bugs me — that exists in all media, and is frequently point-of-view related, but also occasionally truth-based. it’s more the idea that expressions are losing their meaning as individual pieces of work in a synthetic, syncretic environment.

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