I’m sitting in the audience of a Mozilla Japan seminar here in Tokyo at the moment — listening to Mike Schroepfer talk about what we’re up to. Just finished my presentation — was really interesting to do a talk with a simultaneous translator. Given that Americans pretty much can”t understand what I’m talking about half the time (part mumbling, part speed-talking, part incoherence), it was a surprisingly high bandwidth conversation with the audience of 100+ Tokyo-ers.

Like my last visit here, we’ve got contributors who have come from different islands here in Japan — and again, very humbling to be part of something that people love so much.

Here’s a picture of Mike, taken about 3 minutes ago:


And Takita-san, fearless leader of Mozilla Japan:


Note to self: need to buy a better camera with image stabilization — this Sony T7 takes junky pictures in low light.

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