Painting the outside of the house

So the windows project is officially done — this weekend I painted the stucco outside the house that they put around the windows. And I can categorically say that painting the outside of the house is waaay harder than painting the inside. First of all, I found out that stucco is actually pretty sharp — rough on your knuckles. And since it’s bumpy, tough to get paint into all the little valleys. Also, what looks like “not a lot of wall” on the outside — turns out to be a whole lotta wall. Just doesn’t look as big as when you’re looking at rooms inside.

But anyway, it’s done now, plus the grout just got done on our patio. So they’re looking at putting in plants this week or next week — pretty exciting!

2 Replies to “Painting the outside of the house”

  1. I have a few questions: Do you put one or two coats of primer when your painting the outside of the house? Same question with the final paint color.

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